How to set up the Custom Invoice billing method

Do you have clients with specific invoice requirements, or need a once-off invoice? The Custom Invoice billing method may be your answer!

Product: FireMate Desktop


  1. Understanding the Custom Invoice billing method
  2. How to set up a Custom Invoice on a Customer
    1. Custom Invoice Recurrence or Manual Generation

Understanding the Custom Invoice Billing Method

The Custom Invoice billing method allows FireMate Administrators to raise invoices in a format requested by customers. FireMate Administrators have the ability to customise line items and amounts. The Custom Invoice billing method can be used to set up recurring or once-off invoices. 



How to set up the Custom Invoice Billing Method

Locating the Custom Invoice Billing Method 

  1. Search and locate the Customer that requires a Custom Invoice. Learn how to do this here.
  2. Select the Customer level
  3. Select the [Custom Invoices] tab
  4. Select [Create new invoice]
  5. Select the [New Invoice]
  6. Enter the Custom Invoice description
    This is an internal reference not seen by the person receiving the invoice.
  7. (Optional) Make reference to the Contract and/or Property that is associated to the Custom Invoice. This will display to the person receiving the invoice. 
  8. Select [New Line Item] and enter the name of the line item to appear on the invoice
  9. Enter an amount for the new line item
  10. (Optional) Select [Account Code] from the dropdown.
    This will allocate the revenue of the Custom Invoice to the appropriate account code. 
  11. Set the "Recurrence" of when the Custom Invoice should be generated.
    1. None (One Time Only)
      The Custom Invoice will only generate once, on demand.
    2. On the Following Schedule
      Select the months the Custom Invoice will require to be generated
  12. Set the day in which FireMate should automatically generate the Custom Invoice
      1. On this day
        Set which day of each month FireMate should generate the Custom Invoice
      2. Manual Generation Only
        Set the Custom Invoice to display in the Invoice Manager, ready to be manually generated by a FireMate Administrator
  13. Select [Save]

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