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Get Started with Billing in FireMate

Not sure which billing method to use for your customers in FireMate? Use this guide to help make a decision.

Product: FireMate Desktop


Step 1: Learn about the different billing methods available

FireMate offers three different ways in which billing can be set up for Preventative Maintenance within FireMate.

A combination of these billing methods can be used for invoicing works.

Billing Methods

Description Example
Contract For invoicing a fixed rate on a regular basis over a set period of time.

$12,000 per year, split into $1,000  per month/ $3,000 per quarter/ $6,000 six-monthly, for a period of 12 months.

Price Per Inspection Level (PPIL) Based on a fixed, pre-set amount for the Product type and level of inspection, resulting in an invoice automatically generated immediately on completion of a Routine Activity.

A site requires annual testing. The customer is being charged $1,000 for the annual inspection and $100 each month for monthly inspections. On completion of the inspection, an invoice is automatically generated based on the pre-set amount for that period.

Do & Bill Flexible billing option that allows for the price of the inspection to be based on the works completed while on-site, this can be entered as a fixed amount, charged hourly, and/or charged per asset tested. A 6 monthly inspection is being completed on a customer that is charged based on the number of assets on site. While on-site, the field staff repaired an asset. On completion of the inspection, the total cost of the inspection can be calculated based on the number of assets serviced as well as any fixes while on-site, to ensure accurate billing for the inspection.

Step 2: Find the best billing method 

Use the workflow below to find a recommended billing method. 


Step 3: Learn to set up the billing method

Now you know which billing method(s) you would like to check out, select from the list below to learn how to do them!