Using the 'Can't Complete' status

Ensure accurate historical records and strong internal communication by using the "Can't Complete" status.

Product: FireMate Desktop


  1. Understanding the 'Can't Complete' status
    1. Benefits of the 'Can't Complete' status
    2. When to use the 'Can't Complete' status
  2. How to use the 'Can't Complete' status  in FireMate Desktop
    1. 'Can't Complete' Dashboard Tiles
    2. Removing an activity from the 'Can't Complete' dashboard tile(s)
    3. Examples of next steps for activities marked as 'Not Complete'

Understanding the 'Can't Complete' status

The 'Can't Complete' status streamlines communicate between office and field staff while keeping track of the reason(s) why an activity could not be completed on a property.

Typically, the 'Can't Complete' status is used when there is no ability to complete the activity. In marking the activity as 'Can't Complete', the activity will display on the desktop for FireMate administrators, flagging it for their attention. 

The 'Can't Complete' status can also be used when there is a pause in services for a property. This pause in services does not mean the servicing of the property stops, it simply means there's a good reason as to why the activity couldn't be completed.

Benefits of using the 'Can't Complete' status

  • Accurate historical service records that display the true outcome of a site visit
  • Fast review for FireMate administrators of activities that could not be completed
  • Activities that require a business decision will be flagged with FireMate administrators
    • This may include quoting for a revisit, flagging for reassignment, or simply acknowledgement that the test could not be completed 
  • Stronger communication between office and field staff

When to use the 'Can't Complete' status

The 'Can't Complete' status is used when a field staff member is unable to complete an activity. Reasons can include: 

  • No access to the property. Reasons such as;
    • a mandated lockdown
    • environmental impacts (flooding)
    • refused entry by a tenant or someone on site
  • The account has been suspended (for non-payment or other reasons) 

How to use the 'Can't Complete'  status in FireMate desktop

Field staff members can mark an activity as "Can't Complete" (reasons to do so are listed here), and add a reason for the status change.

It is mandatory to enter a reason when the activity is marked as 'Can't Complete'.   Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to mark an activity as 'Can't Complete' on the FireMate mobile.   

From here, FireMate administrators can locate the activities marked as 'Can't Complete' via the FireMate Dashboard or by using the master Search.

'Can't Complete' Dashboard Tiles

The 'Can't Complete' status displaying on the dashboard tiles should  be reviewed regularly by FireMate administrators. The advantage of using the dashboard tiles is that the list of activities can be "acknowledged" once the FireMate administrator has addressed it. By acknowledging an activity, it will disappear from the Dashboard tile count, ensuring the activities displaying in the dashboard tile require review and action. The activities that remain at 'Can't Complete' status can always be found through the master Search.

Don't see these tiles on your Dashboard? Learn how to customise your FireMate dashboard here

Removing an activity from the 'Can't Complete' dashboard tile(s)

Manage the 'Can't Complete' activities in the Dashboard tile by so this list only contains the activities that require review and decision.   To do this:

  1. Select the 'Can't Complete' status bar from the dashboard tile
  2. Review the internal comment made on the activity within the dialogue box
    1. Field staff are advised to enter their reason for not completing the activity here, ensuring FireMate administrators can perform fast reviews to make next step decisions.
  3. Select the activities in the list you wish to remove from 'Not Complete' list
    1. Alternatively, depending on the customer, reason provided, or the specific circumstances this activity is marked as 'Can't Complete', you may choose to reassign the activity to the field staff member for another attempt
      1. e.g. “I went home ill” or “There was a conference on so they asked us to come back next week”. Changing the status to 'Assigned to Tech' will also remove it from the 'Can’t Complete' Dashboard tile count.
  4. Select [Acknowledge] at the bottom of the dialogue box. 
  5. Notice the count in the tile update

Examples of next steps for activities marked as 'Can't Complete'

Steps that could be taken on activities marked as 'Can't Complete' include:

  1. Quoting the customer for a revisit
  2. Reassigning the activity to another field staff member
  3. Acknowledging the activity as 'Can't Complete'

Ultimately, the decision will depend on the reason for the status of the activity and will be specific to your business.