2021.9.0 - Release - Introducing Business Entities

Our 2021.9.0 release introduces the ability to create multiple Business Entities.


Exciting New Feature – Business Entities

FireMate now supports the use of multiple trading companies! We are introducing an exciting new functionality within our software, Business Entities. These changes will offer a whole new range of flexibility for invoicing, rates and revenue allocation for your business if you manage multiple trading businesses.

Find out if multiple Business Entities is for you by visiting the Get Started with Business Entities guide!

Changes you can expect to see

Where multiple business entities is not for you, please see the list of below changes you can expect to see. 

1. Relocation of Branding, Default Labour Rates and Account Codes to the [Business Entities] section of the [Admin] menu. 


2. Visibility of the [Quotes, Invoicing & Delivery] tab throughout FireMate.  

This tab is only relevant where you are using multiple Business Entities. 

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