How to process a request for a call out from the FireMate Customer Portal

Learn how to process a request for a call out received from the FireMate Customer Portal!

Product: FireMate Customer Portal to FireMate Desktop


  1. Understanding the "Request a Tech" feature 
  2. How to locate Jobs created via the Customer Portal
  3. How to process Jobs created by the Customer Portal

Understanding the "Request a Tech" feature 

The FireMate Customer Portal allows a customer to use the "Request a Tech" feature. When they select [Request a Tech] via the Customer Portal, the user will be prompted to provide details the following details:

  • Property
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Details of Equipment that requires assistance
  • Asset Number
  • Description 

Once the form is completed and sent, an email will automatically be issued to the email address/es configured to receive Customer Portal ​emails, and to the customer confirming the Job ID, Property and Description.

How to locate Jobs raised via the Customer Portal  

When a request is sent via "Request a Tech", a new job is automatically created for the relevant Property in FireMate, containing all the details submitted by the Customer Portal user.

Jobs created via the FireMate Customer Portal will display as "new" and will not yet be assigned to a field user.

Most of the Job fields will be completed based on the form completed by the Customer Portal user.  

  • Order Reference
    • This is the purchase order number entered by the Customer Portal user. THis will display on the invoice once completed.
  • Client Request
    • This will contain the Equipment, Asset number (if known) and Description of the works outlined by the Customer Portal user.
  • Internal Comments
    • This will include the details of the Customer Portal user that logged the call 

From here, update any additional fields on the job, then create a Service Request and assign it to a field staff member to complete. 


How to process a Job raised via the Customer Portal

  1. Ensure all Job details are correct
  2. Create a Service Request, and complete all relevant fields on the Service Request
  3. Assign the Service Request to a field staff member
  4. Select [Save]

Once completed, the Job will then display in the "Jobs Ready to be Invoiced" option under the [Workflow] menu.