Using a Service Request in FireMate Desktop

Learn all the different fields and links that can be used and accessed on a Service Request in FireMate.

Product: FireMate Desktop


  1. What is a Service Request
  2. Creating and editing a Service Request
  3. Navigating a Service Request 
    1. Service Request Details
    2. Inventory
    3. Attachments
    4. Quotes, Invoicing and Payment Entities

What is a Service Request


Creating and Editing a Service Request

From a Job, select [Create New Service Request], and complete the details on each tab.


Navigating a Service Request

Details Tab

  • Drop downs ensure the Service Request is linked to the correct details for the works being carried out, enhancing reporting on Jobs within FireMate for the business. Drop downs include:
    • System and Equipment Type
    • Product Type
    • Equipment Type
    • Asset  

The drop downs will only provide you with option assigned to that property.

  • The "Date/Time" required and "Deadline date" can be amended according to the urgency of the works  
  • The "Status" dropdown allows the Service Request to be "Assigned to Tech", or any other status.
  • The "Assigned Employee" dropdown is used to allocate the Service Request to a staff member.  Once the assigned technician has completed a Data Sync on their mobile device the Service Request will appear as new. 

  • Add to the Client Request (SR Details) section to provide the field staff member with direction of the works to be carried out. 

Inventory/Tech Visits Tab

  • Inventory can be added here by the field staff member, or the FireMate administrator once the SR has been returned as 'Completed'

Attachments Tab

  • Attachments can be included for the field staff member to view. This could be a photo of the fault or additional information they may require.

Quotes, Invoicing & Delivery Tab

This tab will show the Payment Entity, Charging Entity and the Delivery Entity.