Using the Australian Standards™ in FireMate Desktop​

Understand and learn how best to use the Australian ​Standards™ available in your FireMate Desktop. ​

Product: FireMate Desktop


  1. Feature Overview​
  2. What Australian Standards™ are available?​
  3. How to locate the Australian Standards™
  4. How to search the Australian Standards™​
  5. Example: Failed prompt on a Routine Activity visible to FireMate mobile users

Feature Overview

Staff members with FireMate Desktop access have the ability to review Australian Standards™ at any point in time. 



This feature is also available via the mobile application for staff working on-site. Want to know more? Check out this article: how to use the Australian ​ Standards™ in the FireMate Mobile App.

What Australian Standards™ are available​?

The below standards are available for access. ​​

AS 1851.1-1995 Portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets
AS 1851.2-1995 Fire hose reels
AS 1851.3-1997 Automatic fire sprinkler systems
AS 1851.4-1992 Fire hydrant installations
AS 1851.5-1981 Automatic smoke/heat venting systems
AS 1851.6-1997 Management procedures for maintaining the fire and smoke control features of air-handling systems
AS 1851.7-1984 Fire–resistant doorsets
AS 1851.8-1987 Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
AS 1851.9-1997 Delivery lay flat fire hose
AS 1851.10-1989 Emergency warning and intercommunication systems
AS 1851.12-1995 Gaseous fire extinguishing systems
AS 1851.14-1996 Pumpset systems
AS 1851.15-1997 Local fire alarm systems
AS 1851-2005 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment
AS 5062-2006 Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment
AS/NZS 1851.13-1995 Wheeled fire extinguishers
AS/NZS 2293.2-1995 Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings

Didn't find the standard you were hoping for? Shoot through a request for the feature to so we know what you want us to work on next! 

How to locate the Australian Standards™

To locate the Australian Standards™ on FireMate Desktop:​

  1. From your FireMate navigation bar, select [Help]​
  2. Select [Standards] from the list available​
  3. Select [View] on the Standard you would like to read. 



Additionally, you will see the appropriate standard extract display in the "Long Description" section when viewing a prompt. To view the standard associated with a prompt: 

  1. From the FireMate navigation bar, select [Admin]
  2. Select [Inspection Prompts]
  3. Filter the "System and Equipment Type", "Product" and Maintenance Standard" to view a list of prompts
  4. Select the prompt you would like to view the standard extract for 

How to search the Australian Standards™

Easily search the view of the standards by following the below steps:​

  1. While viewing the standards in FireMate desktop, select Ctrl + F keys to search the document. ​
  2. Enter a keyword and select [Enter] to view the results of this search​.
  3. Use the arrow keys to navigate the results​
  4. Cancel at anytime
  5. Select the [Bookmark] icon to quickly browse the contents of the document.

Example: Failed prompt on a Routine Activity

When onsite staff members fail a prompt on a Routine Activity from the FireMate mobile app, the app will launch a view of an extract from the applicable Australian Standard. Staff can select [Ok] to close out of the view and continue testing. ​​

This is not applicable when working with Service Requests.