Using the Australian ​Standards™ in FireMate Mobile

Understand and learn how best to use Australian ​Standards™ available in your FireMate Mobile App. ​

Product: FireMate Mobile 


  1. When to use this feature​
  2. What Australian Standards™ are available?​
  3. How to locate the Australian Standards™ on FireMate Mobile​
  4. How to search the Australian Standards™ on FireMate Mobile​
  5. How to view the Australian Standards™ extract during a Routine Activity​

When to use this feature

Staff members with FireMate mobile access will have the ability to review Australian Standards™ via their mobile app at any point in time. ​

Staff members can use this feature when inspecting and maintaining fire protection equipment or as needed.​

The mobile device must have sufficient internet connectivity to access the Standards available on the FireMate Mobile. 


What Australian Standards™ are available

The below standards are available for access via the FireMate Mobile. ​​

  • AS 1851-2012    ​
    Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment​
  • AS 5062:2016 ​
    Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment​
  • AS/NZS 2293.2:2019  ​
    Emergency lighting and exit signs for buildings​

Please note: We’re currently working closely with Standards Australia to digitise and deliver additional standards to the available list. 


How to locate the Australian Standards™

To locate the Australian Standards™ on FireMate Mobile:

  1. Select the [Standards] button available on the FireMate mobile dashboard.
  2. Select the Australian Standards™ available in the list provided
    1. Check out the available standards here

How to search the Australian Standards™

Easily search the Standards by following the below steps:​

  1. While viewing the standards in FireMate mobile, select the magnifying glass icon to search the document. ​
  2. Enter a keyword and select [Enter] or [Return] to view the results of this search​
  3. Use the arrow keys to navigate the results​
  4. Cancel at anytime

How to view an Australian Standard extract during a Routine Activity

To view an extract of an applicable Australian Standards™ during a Routine Activity:​

  1. Select [Fail]​
  2. Select the underlined "Action"​. The relevant Australian Standard extract will appear in a dialogue box.

3.     Select [Ok] to close out of the dialogue box.