2021.10.0 - Release - Default Automatic Report Versions and Quote Breakdown

Our 2021.10.0 release introduces Inventory which enables the ability to break quotes down by parts and labour.


Ability to select a report version for Scheduled Reporting

Use Report Configuration option in FireMate to configure your choice of version for the reports sent via Scheduled Reporting. Changes to the Report Configuration apply system wide, so your reporting is consistent to your customers. 

 Click here to learn how to use this new feature.

Labour and parts breakdown available on Quotes 

"Show Labour & Parts on Quote" is only available on FireMate databases with Inventory enabled. Interested in access to the the Inventory module? Register your interest here.

The labour and parts breakdown is now available for Inventory enabled databases. This gives you the ability to provide your customer a more detailed view of those separate components (parts/materials and labour) that are used to calculate the total of each line item on a quote. The breakdown of parts and labour is optional on a quote-to-quote basis, and can be selected by default on a Contract.  

If you are interested in using this new feature click here to find out more.

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