How to search for overdue invoices

Quickly locate overdue invoices within your FireMate database using this search!

Product: FireMate Desktop


  1. When to use this search
  2. Use the FireMate Search
  3. (Optional) Save as a favourite search

When to use this search

Use the search to quickly find overdue invoices to help better prioritise account follow ups for your team.   

Use the FireMate Search

  1. From your FireMate navigation bar, select [Search]
  2. In the Search dialogue box, from the "Item" dropdown, select [Invoices]

  3. Select one of the following options to display overdue invoices by period. Alternatively, select them all!   
  4. Select [Search]
  5. Review the search results! 


Select [Include Totals] in the Search dialogue box to see the total amount of all overdue invoices. 

Save the search as a favourite 

Want to save this search so you can always come back to it? Click here to find out how!