How to add/remove a new user to the FireMate Customer Portal​

Quickly add or remove access to a FireMate Customer Portal user.

Product: FireMate Customer Portal


  1. How to add/deactivate a New User to the Customer Portal​
    1. Customer Access
    2. Property Access 

How to add/deactivate a user to the Customer Portal

  1. From your FireMate navigation menu, select [Portal]
  2. From the dropdown select [Manage Users]​
    1. We recommend selecting the "Show inactive users" tick box (bottom left). This ensures a previous user can be re-enables instead of creating a duplicate. 
  3. Select [New Portal User] 
  4. Enter the users details
    1. Add the users Email Address (this will be their Username)
    2. Set a strong Password (repeat to ensure they match)
    3. Add the users First Name, Last Name, and Mobile Number
  5. Select the "Account Type" dropdown and choose between [Administrator] or [User].
    1. User: Can only view information on the portal.
    2.  Administrator: Can approve/reject quotations, invoices and request call outs.
  6. Select the "Account Active" tick box
  7. Select [Save]


Allocate Customer and Property access to a Customer Portal User

  1. Select the Customer Portal user that requires access
  2. From the "Customer Access" list, select the customers that this user is associated to
  3. From the "Property Access" list, select the properties the user should see when accessing the portal
  4. Select [Save]

Remove a users access to a Customer or Property by selecting the user, and de-selecting the property or customer currently selected for their user. 

Send a welcome email to a Customer Portal user

Notify the user that they have access to the Customer Portal:

    1. ​Select the Customer Portal user to send a Welcome Email to
    2. Select the "Send Welcome Email" link (blue)
    3. The user will now receive a Welcome email. 

Want a copy of the email being sent to the user? Be sure to add an email to "CC" field in the Customer Portal email templates. Learn more here