2022.6.2 - Release - Showing a relevant standard or code in reports

In this release article, we share a new RA Summary report feature and list the full release notes.

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This enhancement has rolled out to your Desktop system and is available for immediate use.

Showing a relevant standard or code in reports

Over the years, we’ve received several requests to include a reference to the code or standard to which a defect relates to. The RA Test Results report is effectively a logbook including all the prompts, so does this already, but a summary record as required for products such as portables, doors, hydrants etc., doesn’t. Without including the prompt details in the defect description, it can be difficult to know what the defect is in reference to…until now!

In this release, we’ve provided you with the ability to show some basic standard details on the RA Summary report where defects are recorded. By selecting the box in the generation screen, the Standard, Item No. and Prompt will appear above the defect description. Not that you shouldn’t provide clear detail in any defect description, but this eliminates the need to write out the prompt for those customers who demand it.

We haven’t yet made this a configurable setting, but if you’d like the option to select this by default and have scheduled reports, plus those accessed through the portal, include these prompt details; please contact us to let us know.

How does it all work?

Start by selecting/checking the "Show Prompt Details" on the report generation screen.


The maintenance short description, along with the inspection prompts "Item No." and "Prompt (Action)" are combined.


🎉Bingo! The Standard Details line is added to the RA Summary report for assets that have been failed.


Please note: If you have created a custom maintenance standard and have not populated the maintenance standard short description the Standards Details will be blank on the report. 


Want to know the difference between the RA Summary report versions? Click here to get the low down.

Additional fixes and minor enhancements

  1. Improves Asset details on Critical Defect Notice
  2. Prevents products and standards from other countries appearing in various locations
  3. Prevents incorrect S&E Types showing in Config - Labour Cost Rates - Tech dropdown
  4. Improves South Australian Form 3 capabilities
  5. Rectifies auto invoice local currency application
  6. Rectifies config control of report photo inclusion issue
  7. Rectifies issue when setting untested assets as Not Tested through desktop
  8. Rectifies issue limiting inventory S&E selection
  9. Improves inventory item code display
  10. Improves event logging of product inspection periods
  11. Rectifies error on Technician and Customer Productivity reports
  12. Improves display of inactive products on historic defects and SRs
  13. Improves representation of inactive products and equipment in the search tool
  14. Prevents hose reel flow test results from appearing on six-monthly RA Summary
  15. Rectifies issue where RA Summary V2 was displaying outstanding defects from removed standards
  16. Improves search to allow for a customer, contract or property with an apostrophe in the name
  17. Improves dashboard performance for branch databases
  18. Improves asset order on RA Test Results
  19. Improves messaging on reports where no customer address is available in FireMate