2022.6.0 - Release - User-defined fields and Report Configuration

FireMate is pleased to release version 2022.6.0. This latest system enhancement includes two new capabilities that offer improved reporting flexibility, customisation and control.

This enhancement has rolled out to your Desktop system and is available for immediate use.

Showing user-defined fields on the RA Summary Report

User-defined fields help you deliver simpler reports, save time and provide relevant information to your customers.

  • Choose up to six user-defined fields to appear on the RA Summary Report (V3). For example, a product colour, brand, size, or any asset data field you choose.
  • Each product can have a different set of user-defined fields selected to appear in the report. This customisation offers you the ability to provide additional asset information including client-specific requests. The selected field only appears where data is recorded. 
  • In the past, you may have needed to send two reports, like the RA Summary and an Asset Register. Now you should only need to send the RA Summary.  

Report Configuration tool update

The Report Configuration tool now synchronises reporting versions.  In addition to controlling the scheduled version that is automatically emailed to clients, the Report Configuration tool now also controls:

  • the default version shown on your Desktop, and
  • the report version made available via the customer portal.