Timesheet Supervisors

Create Timesheet Supervisors that link with other employees for easy management of activities!


  1. What is a Timesheet Supervisor? 
  2. Enable Timesheet Supervisor Permission
  3. Link Employees to Timesheet Supervisors

What is a Timesheet Supervisor?

Assign “Timesheet Supervisor” system access to employees that will be managing Timesheets. When “Timesheet Supervisor” is assigned to an employee, another employee can be linked to the Timesheet Supervisor for ease of day-to-day activity management.  

Enable Timesheet Supervisor Permissions

Enable Timesheet Supervisor permissions 

Follow the steps on the following pages to set up your employees. 

  1. Go to [Admin] -> [Employees and Logins]  
  2. Select the first staff member you would like to make a Timesheet Supervisor 
  3. Select the [Login] tab and select [Timesheet Supervisor] from the System Access list
  4. Select [Save] Repeat steps 2 – 4 for all staff members who will be Timesheet Supervisors 

Now you have chosen your Timesheet Supervisors, you can appoint other staff members to these Timesheet Supervisors.

Note: Where the same Employee is both a Timesheet user and a Timesheet Supervisor, please still enable this permission for the Employee. 



Link Employees to Timesheet Supervisors

In the following instructions, we will link Employees to Timesheet Supervisors which allows the Timesheet Supervisor to easily view all Employee Timesheets specific to them, rather than seeing all Timesheets submitted.  

A regular link for most FireMate users is to assign the Technician to their Timesheet Supervisor. 

To link an Employee to a Timesheet Supervisor, complete the steps on the following pages. 

  1. Select the Employee from the list that you would like to link to a Timesheet Supervisor 
  2. From the [GENERAL] tab, select [TIMESHEET SUPERVISOR] and choose an option from the dropdown of available choices. 
    1. Don’t see the right Employee listed as a Timesheet Supervisor? Be sure the Employee has the “Timesheet Supervisor” permission.
  3. Select [Save]
  4. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for all Employees who need to be linked to a Timesheet Supervisor.