How to show or hide photos on reports and quotes

Easily show or hide photos on FireMate Reports and Quotes using this quick guide! 

Product: FireMate Desktop


  1. Understanding published photos
  2. How to unpublish photos
  3. How to publish photos

Understanding Published Photos

By default, all photos uploaded to FireMate will be set to Published. Published photos will show on the reports and quotes generated from FireMate.

Where there are more photos uploaded than what the report or quote can display, FireMate will always display the latest uploaded photo first. FireMate offers the ability to unpublish any photos that should not be included on a report or quote. 

The Portal will also reflect the publish/unpublished photos in the thumbnails and on reports.

Each report in FireMate is different and will display a different amount of photos depending on the report.  

How to Unpublish Photos

  1. From FireMate desktop, open any photo
  2. De-select the "Published" checkbox 
The photo is now unpublished

How to Publish Photos

  1. Open your photo
  2. Select the "Published" checkbox 

The photo is now published!