How to use asset barcodes in FireMate

Are you using barcodes to identify your assets? Load them into FireMate so you can locate the asset in the app using a scanner!

Product: FireMate Mobile


  1. How to add a barcode to an asset 
  2. Finding your assets via Barcodes

How to add a barcode to an asset

Quickly add a barcode to an assets by following these steps:

  1. Within FireMate Mobile, select a Routine Activity
  2. View the asset list
  3. Select [Asset Details]
  4. Select the Barcode field
  5. Select the barcode icon on the screen, or alternatively enter the barcode number in manually
  6. Once scanned, select [Save]


Locating assets using barcodes

To locate an asset using the barcode:

  1. Within the FireMate Mobile app, select the Routine Activity
  2. Select the barcode icon and scan the barcode
    1. Alternatively, enter the barcode number into the field to search manually
  3. Once located, the asset will display on FireMate Mobile.