How to allocate multiple technicians to Routine Activities or create Technician Teams

Easily allocate multiple Technicians to Routine Activities within FireMate!

Product: FireMate Desktop, FireMate Mobile

Table of Contents

    Understanding Multi Tech Mode and Technician Teams

    Connection Requirements

    How to add multiple technicians to a Routine Activity (RA)

    How to enable Live Update on a Routine Activity (RA)

    Understanding Multi Tech Mode and Technician Teams

    This feature provides the ability to allocate multiple Technicians to Routine Activities. There are times when you need to send a team of Technicians to a large site such as an apartment building where the inspection needs to carried out by different technicians on different levels. For example one Technician may carry out the inspections from the Ground Floor to level 5 and a second Technician from Level 6 to Level 10.

    This feature is available on Routine Activities but not Service Requests. You also have the ability to create “Teams” of Technicians where you have people that consistently work together such as a detector testing team or flow switch testing team.

    Assigning work to a team speeds up the process of assigning work as this will assign the RA to all team members.

    When assigning work there will always be a Primary technician and then Secondary technicians. Where multiple technicians are assigned to a Routine Activity, all of the Dashboard statistics will use the Primary technician to attribute. For example, number of RA’s completed by technician will be attributed to the Primary technician.

    Connection Requirements

    There are two modes of operation on the mobile app, Live Update "On" or "Off".

    By default, live updating will be switched "Off" to allow the Routine Activity to be completed when the technicians mobile app does not have an available internet connection. Should your technicians be on a site with excellent mobile coverage, live updating can be switched on by the technician from the mobile device at any time.

    When live updating is "On", technicians can expect their tested assets to continually move to the “Tested List” on all technicians’ devices while they complete the test on the device.

    This functionality requires a constant internet connection. Where connectivity is not available, such as in a building basement, the updates to the tested list will queue on the device until the device has signal again.

    How to add multiple technicians to a Routine Activity (RA)

    1. Locate and open the Routine Activity you would like to assign multiple technicians to
    2. Under the [General Details], the technician displayed as the [Assigned Technician] tab will be the Primary Technician for that RA.
    3. Select the [Extra Techs] tab on the Routine Activity.

    4. Here you can add as many additional techs as required to the Routine Activity. Technicians attached here are known as Secondary technicians.

    5. When the technicians sync their mobile data next, all technicians will see this Routine Activity in their [My Workload] list.

    How to enable Live Update on a Routine Activity (RA)

    This step is optional and not advised when working in low signal areas.

    1.  From the mobile device, Live Update will be Off (white button) by default. Select [Live Update] and [Ok] to switch live updates on. This will turn on an automatic Data Sync which will continue while signal is available 
    2. Once Live Update is on, the technician will need to reopen the Routine Activity and the button will now appear On (green).

    3. Where data connection is a problem, when the technician receives internet access again, they can select the Refresh Button to refresh the Test Assets list. 

    4. Begin completing the RA.Note: Where a Technician tries to PASS or FAIL an asset that has already been tested by another Technician, they will receive a warning. 

    5. Select the [?] help button to see current status, and a list of all the technicians assigned to that Routine Activity.