How to Active and Deactivate Customers, Contracts and Properties

You can deactivate and reactivate your Customers, Contracts, Properties and S&E Types within FireMate.

Product: FireMate Desktop

  1. From the FireMate navigation. select [ADMIN]
  2. Select [Client Data Management] from the dropdown

  3. Select the item you wish to deactivate/reactivate
  4. Enter your reason for the status change 

    This feature works in a hierarchy structure, therefore if you deactivate at the top of the tree, it will deactivate every other item beneath it. You must specify a reason as to why you are deactivating/reactivating that item

  5. Before you can deactivate any item, you must close all open Routine Activities (RA) and/or Service Requests (SR)

    1. If there are open RA/SR you can clearly see the numbers. To close these, right click. This will open search results and you can then close the affected item and make your item inactive.

  1. Once all related RA/SRs are closed, deactivate this item by selecting [Confirm]
  2. See the history of the items status by selecting the [View Status Change History] button.