Crediting Invoices

How to credit and re-issue invoices.

Product: FireMate Desktop


  1. Start crediting an invoice
  2. Crediting an invoice
  3. Send your Customer a copy of a Credit Note
  4. Re-invoicing

Start crediting an invoice

When crediting an invoice, it must be credited in your Accounting Package first, then credited in FireMate.

Select the Blue Text [(None)] under Credit at the bottom of the invoice card.


Crediting an invoice

  • Enter the Credit Note Number from your Accounting Package (this way the numbers will match in both systems).
  • The Credit Amount will automatically populate, FireMate only allows full credits, no partial credits.
  • Enter a Description and then select the [Confirm] button.

Send your Customer a copy of a Credit Note

Your invoice has now been credited.

The Invoice Preview screen will now show in an orange colour so you know it has been credited.

To send your Customer a copy of a Credit Note:

  • Select the [Preview Invoice],
  • [Send to Client] or
  • [Send Automatically] button.


To re-invoice your credited invoice, click on the Job ID.

Set the status back to RFI and make the necessary changes so you can re-invoice with the correct amount.

Invoice as normal by selecting [Create New Invoice].

Your Credit Note will always be visible on that Job.

To re-invoice a Contract Invoice for a set period, be sure to leave this box selected.

If you DO NOT want to re-invoice that period, untick this box.