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What is a FireMate Dashboard?

With the New FireMate you have the ability to create and customise as many Dashboards as you wish.

On your current FireMate desktop app, you have your main dashboard and a handful of widgets to help you track your business and prioritise information.

In the New FireMate, we have expanded our widget library and given you the ability to create as many dashboards as you would like. 

Each dashboard can contain a specific group of information, for example:

  • A dashboard with Routine Activities, Service Request, Defects and Jobs
  • A Quotes and Invoices dashboard
  • A Customer or property specific dashboard 
  • An operations dashboard, to measure your business's performance
  • A branch specific dashboard
  • Etc. 

This flexibility means that you, and anyone in your team, can create a dashboard that is useful and specific to the roles and responsibilities within the Company, without trying to fit it all on one dashboard.

Along with having the ability to create multiple dashboards, the new FireMate dashboards also allow you to:

  • Set the dashboard to Private or Company
  • Select how you want the dashboard widgets to show information
  • Filter your dashboard for specific information
  • Duplicate (copy) a dashboard to customise for yourself