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Dashboard Widgets

In the new FireMate we have created dashboard widgets that contain specific data from your entire system. You can customise the widget's chart type, size and position to create your own custom dashboard.

Similar to customising your reports, dashboard widgets contain specific data from your system and can be organised in a way that best visualises your business information, helping you to analyse your data and take action.

Widget library

When creating a dashboard in the new FireMate, you can access the Dashboard Widget Library by selecting "Dashboard Actions" and then selecting "Customise Widgets".

The Widgets Library will slide in from the right of the screen where you can scroll through the list or search for widgets, and add them to the dashboard area on the left. 

Widget charts

How you display your information is important, that's why we have given you the ability to select the chart type on the dashboard widget. 

If the dashboard widget contains a number of data counts, you will have the option to edit the chart type.

While customising your dashboard's widgets, you can select the "Edit" button on the widget and select the chart type to display.

You can select from:

  • No chart (list)
  • Pie chart
  • Bar chart
  • Column chart
  • Line chart