1.95.0 Release - Say hello to our new reports!

The team have been working on a new report design to better engage with your customers, giving them the right information, in the right way.

We have made updates to the following reports: 

  • Routine Activity Summary Report

  • Quote

  • Asset Register

What’s changed?

  1. Report redesign

  2. The above reports now have interactive images of assets and defects:

    • Asset Register: The most recent photo attached to each asset

    • Routine Activity Summary Report: The first defect photo attached to each defect

    • Quotes: The first 2 images attached to the quote item (where applicable).

  3. Ability to turn these images on and off in the new reports

  4. People viewing the report PDF can select the images, so they can view them full screen

  5. You can select the version of the report you’d like to use

Important notes: As of 1 January 2021, these new reports will be used for automatic reporting to your customers.

The details

Interactive photos

We have redesigned the reports with a new layout that includes photos of the assets and defects. If you share this with your customers or team via PDF, they can select the image to view full screen. Don’t want the images in the report? No problem, you can turn them off.

Select report version

You can select the version of the report you’d like to generate. This means that you get to choose the report version you’d to use if you prefer our original design.

System configuration

Your automatic scheduled reports will be updated to the new reports from 1 January 2021.

FireMate will default to include photos on these new reports, which you can turn on or off at any time, from your system configuration.

Number of photos per defect, asset or quote item

In this update we were only able to show 1-2 photos per item, depending on the type of report. In a future release we will look to include all photos attached to items in these reports. Here is how the uploaded photos work:

  1. The Asset Register will show 1 photo per asset, and it will be the most recent photo added to the asset.

  2. The Routine Activity Summary Report will show 1 photo per defect, and it will be the first photo added to the defect.

  3. The Quote will show up to 2 images per quote item/defect, and it will be the first photo/s attached to the quote item/defect.

How does this work?

You can find these reports in their usual places - in the reports section and on your customer, contract and property pages.

When you go to generate one of these three updated reports, you are able to select which version of the report to use by selecting the “Report Version” drop down.

Prefer the older version of the report? Simply select Version 1.0 and you’re on your way.

Want the photos turned off? Uncheck the “Show Photos” check box before generating the report.

View the PDF and full screen images by exporting the report as a PDF. Open the downloaded PDF and select an image to view full screen.

Use your system configuration to update your photo defaults to either on or off. This means all reports will default to have photos or no photos respectively, with the manual option to turn them off or on when generating a report.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! If you wish to give us feedback please contact us at support@firemate.com