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Private vs. Company Reports

You have the option to create custom reports for yourself and for your Company. These are "Private" and "Company" reports.

When creating a custom report you can choose whether you want the report to be Private or open to your Company.

Private reports

This means that you, the creator of the custom report can:

  • Search for the report
  • View the report in the Reports Library
  • Edit the report
  • Delete the report
  • Generate the report
  • Duplicate your report to create another version
  • Download the report

Other people in your Company cannot search for or view this report if it is set to "Private". 

Company reports

The creator of the report has the same control over the Company report, as they do in a Private report. When making the report a "Company" report, it means that anyone in your company can:

  • Search for the report
  • View the report in the Reports Library
  • Generate the report
  • Duplicate the report to create their own version


Only the person who created the custom report can edit or delete the report.

How do I make a Private report a Company report?

Only the person who created the report can publish the report to your Company.

When you are editing your custom report, select the "Report Actions" dropdown and select "Publish as Company Report".

An alert message will show, confirming you would like to publish the report to your company, meaning your team will be able to use your report. 

If you select Publish, the report will be viewable by your team.

If you select Cancel, the report will remain Private.


If you do publish the report, this action cannot currently be undone.

If you accidentally publish your report to your Company, you can duplicate it, keep the duplicate as a Private report, and then delete the Company report. 


Anyone who has been using your report will not be able to use it again if the Company report is deleted.