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Generate and download a Custom Report

When you're not creating your own custom report, you are generating and downloading them, right from your report library.

When it is time to send out a report to your customers or team, you can generate and download your reports to then share. 

On your side navigation, select the "Reports" menu item and then select "Go to report library" under the "All reports" section.

Did you know?

Your 5 most recently viewed reports can be quickly accessed from your side navigation. Selecting one of these from your side navigation will take you straight to the report generation form.

When you are in the Report Library, you can view all of the reports available to you. If this list is big, you can search for a report from the search field at the top of the reports list. 

Select a report you wish to generate and download, and you will be taken to the report generation form.

The report generation form allows you to filter for specific date ranges, Customers, Properties and Branches. Some reports have sections where you can write custom information, which can also be done at this point.


Some reports will have default filters applied by the report creator. These can be changed from the report generation form.

When you are happy with the details in the form, you can select the "Preview" button to view how the report will look when downloaded. If you're happy with the preview, select the "Download PDF" button and the report will download to your computer.


While downloading your report, you need to remain on this page while the report is being generated and downloaded.

Leaving the page will cancel this process and your report won't download.