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The New FireMate Home

After logging into the New FireMate, the Home page is where you will start. Here you have access to actionable and informative details about your business and the New FireMate.

The New FireMate Home page will evolve over time as we drive to bring you the information your business and team need, as you need it.

Our vision here is that any important information and actions specific to you will be located here, front and centre when you log in each day.

To begin with, we have included items to help you get familiar with the New FireMate and to access important information relating to your business operations. 

Business Details

We have added key information here so you can get a glance of how your business is performing from the get-go. 

Select data from the charts to explore and drill down into information relating to Routine Activities, Service Requests, Quotes and Defects. 

FireMate Information

Bringing FireMate online isn't the only change we have been working on. As we are building new features and bringing the desktop functionality into the New FireMate, we are creating tutorials and an extensive Knowledge Base to set your business and team up for success with FireMate.

To get started we have included:

Take a tour

This will kick of an interactive introduction to navigating the New FireMate.

Need help?

You can directly email issues or questions to our support team.

Learn more

This will link you to the FireMate Knowledge Base, where we will continually add articles, videos and updates about our FireMate software.

Have feedback?

A big part of the New FireMate is our dedication to collaborating with you on this journey. So if you have feedback of any kind, please share it with us and our Product Team will be in touch to explore your feedback further.