FireMate Mobile App System Requirements

Be sure to use a mobile device capable of handling the FireMate Mobile App!

Product: FireMate Mobile


  1. Android Requirements
  2. Apple Requirements

Ensure your device is in alignment with the system requirements needed to run the FireMate Mobile Application. 

Android Requirements

The Android version must be 4.4.2 or higher (known as Kit Kat).

We recommend using any of the Galaxy S devices. Whether that is a tablet or a phone, we have had great success in testing on these devices.

Apple/iOS Requirements

The iOS of an Apple device needs to be IOS 13.

Performance is a real issue with older Apple devices that run the newer iOS version. Where you're experiencing on-going issues with the FireMate mobile application and you're running an older device, we recommend seeking advice from an Apple distributor to discuss the best way forward.

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