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Navigating the New FireMate

The New FireMate has some familiar aspects to it, but not everything is the same. Here you can find out how to get around the New FireMate.

The New FireMate looks quite different to what you might be used to, but don't fret! We're here to walk you through it. 

You might be wondering "How do I get into the New FireMate?" 

You will receive a unique link to your business's FireMate login, it will look a little something like this:


From here you can use your usual FireMate Username and Password to sign in and get exploring. 

FireMate is now available in your internet browser

We are making sure FireMate is accessible and responsive to you, regardless of where you are and what you're doing. So we no longer require you to download and update computer software! 

We have improved FireMate's technology and brought our platform to the internet. This means you will access the New FireMate on your laptop, computer or tablet, through your browser of choice (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari).

We aren't supporting Internet Explorer for the new FireMate, but we do recommend using Chrome, as it's our browser of choice. 


Once you have logged in and are good to go, you will see there is a navigation bar at the top of your screen and a side navigation bar on the left. 

The top navigation

In the top navigation bar, we have introduced a new Search feature, shown above on the far left. You can quickly and easily use this search field to search all of your FireMate data. 

To the right there is a dropdown menu where you can link to FireMate's news and updates, raise a support request, contact us directly, send us your feedback and Log Out of the New FireMate.

The side navigation

All of your tools and data can be found in the side navigation. 

  1. Home
    Here is where you will start after logging into the New FireMate.
  2. Dashboards
    Dashboards allow you to view, create, customise and dive into your data. 
    1. Recently Viewed Dashboards
      The 5 most recent Dashboards you have viewed.
    2. All Dashboards
      A library containing all of your Company and Private Dashboards.
    3. Create a New Custom Dashboard
      A link to create your own custom Dashboard, when inspiration strikes.
  3. Reports
    Reports allow you to create, customise, capture and share important information within your business and with your customers.
    1. Recently Viewed Reports
      The 5 most recent Reports you have viewed.
    2. All Reports
      A library containing all of your Company and Private Reports.
    3. Create a New Custom Reports
      A link to create your own custom Report, when inspiration strikes.
    All quotes can be found here.
  5. Invoices
    All invoices can be found here.
  6. Jobs & Activities
    The Jobs and Activities section has all of your Routine Activities, Defects, Jobs and Service Requests.
    1. Routine Activities
    2. Defects
    3. Jobs
    4. Service Requests
  7. Purchasing
    Purchasing is the home to all information relating to your Inventory, Purchase Orders and Suppliers.
    1. Inventory
    2. Purchase Orders
    3. Suppliers
  8. Customers
    Everything in the FireMate system stems from your Customers, and this is where you can find all of them.
  9. Contracts
    All contracts associated to Customers can be found here.
  10. Properties
    All Properties relating to Contracts can be found here.
  11. Assets
    All Property Assets are located here.
  12. Contacts
    All Contacts within your FireMate system can be found here.

Did you know?

You can collapse the side navigation so that you have more room to work.

You can do this by selecting the round arrow button at the bottom of the side navigation.

Multiple browser windows and tabs

Thanks to how internet browsers work, you can have many New FireMate pages open in your browser tabs, or have many browser windows open at once. 

Did you know?

Where ever you see this symbol, it will open the item in a new tab.

You can right-click information on the New FireMate and select "Open in a new Tab" or "Open in a New Window" at any time. This way you can have many windows, side-by-side, making your work easier. 

Two windows, side by side


Multiple browser tabs