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Device and System Requirements for FireMate

For optimal experience, desktops, laptops, and mobile device need to meet the following requirements.

Product: FireMate Desktop, FireMate Mobile, FireMate Online


  1. Hardware Requirements
  2. Software Requirements
    1. Android
    2. Apple iOS
  3. FireMate Online
    1. Browser Requirements

Hardware Requirements


Minimum Configuration


Intel Core i5 (8th Generation or newer), 2.5GHz+ or equivalent


8 GB (16 GB recommended)


1920 x 1080 or higher

Network Speed

100 Mbps Ethernet highly recommended

IEEE 802.11g (54 Mbps) or higher recommended for wireless connectivity


Inkjet or Laser printer, preferably with colour printing capabilities. FireMate reports are designed for colour printing but operate in black and white.


Software Requirements

Desktop Operating System

Windows 10 - .Net Framework 4.8

Windows 11 – Not Officially Supported

Outlook, Office and Excel

Microsoft Office 2016 and 2019 Office 365 Desktop Application

Android OS (Mobile Device)

Phone – version 7.0 or higher

Tablet – version 7.0 or higher

iOS (Mobile Device)

Phone – version 14.0 or higher

iPad– version 14.0 or higher


Android Device

The Android version must be 7.0 or higher (known as Kit Kat).

We recommend using any of the Galaxy S devices. Whether that is a tablet or a phone, we have had great success in testing on these devices.

Apple/iOS Requirements

iOS Apple device

Performance is a real issue with older Apple devices that run the newer iOS version. Where you're experiencing on-going issues with the FireMate mobile application and you're running an older device, we recommend seeking advice from an Apple distributor to discuss the best way forward.

FireMate Online

Device Requirements

  • Any desktop or laptop with internet connectivity and an internet browser. See this section for device hardware requirements.

Browser Requirements



Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge  (Chromium)


Google Chrome


Apple Safari




Not Supported

Fully Supported

Fully Supported

Fully Supported

Fully Supported

Mac OS

Not Supported

Fully Supported

Fully Supported

Fully Supported

Fully Supported