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Dashboard Filters

At the top of any dashboard, you are able to filter for specific information, such as Branch, Customer, Property or Dates.

When you are viewing a dashboard, you can select the "Filter" button at the top of the dashboard, and select which filters to apply.

When you have selected the filter you want to apply to the dashboard, select the "Apply Filters" button and the dashboard will reload with the data that matches the filter criteria selected.

You can clear the applied filter by:

  1. Selecting the "Filter" button again and selecting the "Clear Filters" button; or
  2. Select the X icon on each of the individual filters.


Not all widgets can be filtered by time. These widgets are a real time count and may not respond to dashboards that have a date filter applied.

For example, any data related to "Overdue" or "Outstanding" will not change if a date filter has been applied.