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Create a Custom Report

Anyone in your team can create their own custom reports with the new FireMate.

Create your Custom Report

There are four ways you can start creating a new custom report:

1. From the left menu

In the side navigation, select "Reports" and then select the "Create New Custom Report" from the bottom of the sub-menu list.

2. From your Reports Library

If you navigate to your reports library, you can select the "Add Report" button, located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

3. Duplicate an existing report

If you are on your Reports Library page and wish to make your own version of an existing report, find the report you wish to duplicate and select the "Report Actions" dropdown, the select "Duplicate Report".

Select "Duplicate" and you can give the report a new title and description.

4. While creating a report

While you are creating a new report or editing an existing report, you can choose to create a new one straight from the "Report Actions" dropdown.

Report Details

After following one of the four paths above, you can give your report some details:

  • A title, which will be shown in the report library and at the top of the report
    For example, "Quarterly Property Report", "Yearly Schedule Report"
  • A description, to let your team know the purpose of the report
    For example, "This report is to give our customers a quarterly property update, to show the health of their property's fire assets"

After completing these details, select the "Create report" button and you can start building your custom report!

Now what?

Now that you've created your report, you can select the "Report Actions" dropdown and do the following:

Customise Widgets

Select from our growing report widgets library what data and information you would like to appear on your custom report.

Default Filters

Select what filters you or your team use when generating your custom report.

Report Orientation

Customise your report's orientation.

Edit Report Details

Rename your report and update its description.

Publish as Company Report

When creating a custom report, it defaults to being Private. This means only you can view and generate this report.

If you select "Publish as Company Report" this will make the report accessible to your whole Company. Your teammates can then generate and duplicate this report, but they cannot edit the details, layout or widgets.

Create New Report

If inspiration strikes while you're in the middle of creating a new report or editing one of your existing reports, you can create a new report from the "Report Actions" dropdown.

Duplicate Report

If you like an existing report but want to create another similar report, you can select duplicate and edit what you need.

Delete this Report

Need to remove the report entirely? Select "Delete Report", and follow the prompts.


Deleting a report cannot be undone. After this has been completed you will need to recreate a report from scratch. 

If the report has been published to Company, deleting it will mean that anyone who previously viewed or used the report will no longer be able to do so.